Finding Balance during a busy/crazy/stressful day

Since hitting 10 months, the twins have recently become very clingy and even a little whiney at times! I used to be able to put them in their bouncers and at least run to the bathroom quickly and they would be fine, but recently... oh. my. god.  You would think someone was getting murdered in … Continue reading Finding Balance during a busy/crazy/stressful day


11 things to NEVER say to a woman pregnant with twins..

Being pregnant with twins came with its own trials and tribulations, namely how big I got, so quickly. These are just some of the things I would hear that I would recommend never saying to a pregnant woman because it's just not necessary! (my snotty comebacks after the comments are strictly in my head, I … Continue reading 11 things to NEVER say to a woman pregnant with twins..

Chickens and kids!

We recently adopted some chickens from our neighbors who are going to be traveling for a year and while we are really excited about having fresh eggs and natural tick repellents, there are a few hazards to take into consideration when having chickens around kids. I came across this article in Parents magazine (the February … Continue reading Chickens and kids!

All about germs!

Germs: the age old question..are they good or bad for babies? On one hand, they  can absolutely make them sick- give them a little cold, cough, etc. but is that necessarily always a bad thing? When our twins were born early, we were warned from all different professionals about keeping them as healthy as possible, … Continue reading All about germs!