My Boys

Mason Culhane and Sawyer Warren were born on August 10th, 2016. I was 36 weeks pregnant and was scheduled for a c-section on August 16th. That is very common with twins, especially mono-di twins, who share the same placenta and considered very high risk. I went in for a routine ultrasound that day (at that point I was doing one every week) and everything was looking great until that day. The techs would always give me an estimate on their weight and this day, they should have been almost 6lbs but when she told me, they were actually less than the last time, obviously something was wrong. The doctor came in and immediately told me not to worry (she could see the look on my face!) and said that what had happened was my placenta had pretty much tapped out. It stopped passing nutrients to them for probably a week or two and they needed to come out today.

A little side note about me- I am a very organized, schedule-orientated person and it was hard to me to accept that they would be here a week earlier than planned, when we had so much more to do (and I really wanted to get frozen yogurt that day!) 🙂 But my husband was there with me and very supportive and I eventually came around to it (as scary as it was) it actually felt more like that “real labor” surprise then it being so scheduled the way it was supposed to me.

So long story short, they came out at 12:19 and 12:20am weighing one ounce difference (Sawyer was 5.10 and Mason was 5.9) and both 18.5 inches long. Sawyer came out peeing all over everyone and everything and then was almost immediately whisked away to the NICU for some breathing issues. I was so overwhelmed with that they when they handed me Mason, I almost didn’t know what to do! I loved him so much immediately but also felt so sad about not being able to hold Sawyer too! He was in there for about 36 hours and but it felt like way more than that! It was the sweetest moment when they were reunited and seemed to just be at peace being back together. It was such an amazing moment.

Now, starting this blog, they are 5  months old and it has flown by! They are the happiest, sweetest, best boys ever (I’m not biased or anything) 🙂 They can already so much and keep us so busy and happy and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us!