Review of the twin Boppy and Brest Friends nursing pillow

I wanted to try and do a video review of these two MUST HAVE twin items, but my mother of twins club recently hosted a large tag sale that I decided last minute to join in on and sell- and since we were done with both of those items, included them in the sale and … Continue reading Review of the twin Boppy and Brest Friends nursing pillow


Finger Food Mania!

Our twins have always been fantastic eaters. Starting with super watery oatmeal and avocado at just 5 months old working their way up to purees with chunks of beans and rice, there was really no vegetable they turned their nose up too and we are still going strong with not giving them fruit! But a … Continue reading Finger Food Mania!

Chickens and kids!

We recently adopted some chickens from our neighbors who are going to be traveling for a year and while we are really excited about having fresh eggs and natural tick repellents, there are a few hazards to take into consideration when having chickens around kids. I came across this article in Parents magazine (the February … Continue reading Chickens and kids!