Clever Comebacks post-pregnancy

So following up from my “Things to Never Say to a Woman Pregnant with Twins” post, these are some of the silly things I have gotten asked after they were born, that I have come up with some comebacks for, but again, much like my other post, most of them stay in my head as much as I wish they didn’t sometimes!

Are those twins?
~Omg! You see two also? Phew!

Are they both yours? (seriously, I have been asked that)
~No, I just found another baby that looks exactly like mine and took it

Wow, you really have your hands full!
~You’re right, here take them for awhile, thanks!

Did you plan for twins? (while I feel that this question more renders a complete walk-away, here is another response option 🙂
~Yes, we planned to have my egg split perfectly in half at the perfect moment, procreating two humans who share 99% of the same DNA. We’re just THAT good.

Are you going to try for another? Maybe a girl?
~Ok, I get asked this a lot, so #1. RELAX, my first were like just born. 2. Again, I’m not God so I can’t plan for what we get like that and 3. ask me again after you have twins and know what it’s like having two at once! (unless you already have and still had more kids, kudos to you!)

Is having twins hard?
~It’s like having one times two :p

Do you ever sleep?
~This one is actually really fun to answer because the twins are amazing sleepers so I take that and run with it!

Do you like one more than the other?
~When is that ever ok to ask anyone about any of their kids?! But yes, sometimes we have days when one is easier than the other, but that doesn’t mean I like that one more! They change it up on me all the time, it would be impossible to keep track of! 🙂

So, people, think about the silly things you might want to ask someone who has young twins/multiples, and if you do ask something like one of these these, you may just be lucky enough to hear one of these good ol’ sarcastic comments back!

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