Finding Balance during a busy/crazy/stressful day

Since hitting 10 months, the twins have recently become very clingy and even a little whiney at times! I used to be able to put them in their bouncers and at least run to the bathroom quickly and they would be fine, but recently… oh. my. god.  You would think someone was getting murdered in front of them. Full on hyperventilating crying, tears streaming down their faces, it’s impossible to walk away from! It’s actually gotten to the point where if I am not right there on the ground with them letting them climb all over me, they are unhappy.

BELIEVE me I know this is normal..and a phase..I’ve worked with kids long enough and studied their development enough to know whats going on, but LIVING it is a totally different story! It’s exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I love being with them and playing down on the floor with them has never and will never be a “hassle” it’s actually something I really enjoy, but I do miss being able to go to the bathroom whenever I please!

So with that being said…and for others looking for do you find that balance during a day like that? Finding balance is super important for stress levels and overall sanity. There are the obvious things like practicing yoga/meditation (whether you can get away to a studio or even just a quite practice in your own living room) it can work wonders!   But then are are little things that may not be thought of on a regular basis to give a try..
We have recently discovered a passion for essential oils! The can really work wonders, even for your psyche. Diffusing a calming scent like lavender (or doTERRA actually makes a blend called Balance that can be used topically or  aromatically)  They are really little miracle workers! (if you are interested in purchasing some of the best quality oils around (doTERRA) or even just have questions or need advice please check out my sisters website: She is the epitome of a healer and not a salesperson!
Then there is the ever classic fresh air! Another natural substance that people tend to forget how good it is for them! Getting out during a sunny day also brings the added benefits of Vitamin D but even it’s not particularly gorgeous out, getting out for a walk, with or without the kids, can do wonders for everyones mental stability. I have been turning to walks a lot more lately since this clinginess has started and it never fails to calm the twins.
And lastly, I actually read this somewhere lately that I kind of cringed at first when reading and then hear from more and more moms that it is perfectly fine to do if you ever feel you are getting to your breaking point, and that is putting your baby(s) in their cribs and just let them be sad/cry and take a minute to yourself. If you know they are fine (fed, dry, etc.) and know they are not in pain, this may be a good method to break the cycle of being by their side every minute they are upset (which can develop a bad habit, if you want them to ever be able to eventually self-soothe). As harsh as it may sound, sanity of a parent is much more important than a few minutes of tears. Now, in all honesty, I haven’t tried this method yet, probably because I am a sucker, but I am not totally against it! I just have a higher tolerance and patience level then most because of my 10+ years experience working with children of all ages! But, if your sanity depends on it, you have to do whats best for you in order to be the best for your kids. I should coin that phrase! 🙂

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