11 things to NEVER say to a woman pregnant with twins..

Being pregnant with twins came with its own trials and tribulations, namely how big I got, so quickly. These are just some of the things I would hear that I would recommend never saying to a pregnant woman because it’s just not necessary!

(my snotty comebacks after the comments are strictly in my head, I wish I could talk to people like that sometimes though! 🙂

**WOW, you’re big, are you due like tomorrow? (this started when I was around 5 months) 😦
**Oh, you’re having twins, you must have done IVF? Or, the ever classy: are they natural twins? (no, we didn’t, identical twins actually happen completely randomly, not that it’s any of your business!) Another reason we would get asked that is because we waited to start a family and were married for almost 5 years before conceiving (yet another fact that we didn’t feel like we needed to explain to people!)
**How will you ever handle two at once?! …I don’t know, how do you handle yourself??
**Can you afford two at once?! …probably not, you should give me some money!
**You’re NEVER going to sleep again! …LOVED this one because I had already started not sleeping because of how uncomfortable I was, and also, I know how babies work, thanks!
**Your life is going to change forever. …DUH! 🙂
**Better you than me! …yes, and thank god for that!
**It would be cool if you had one of each. …This didn’t bother me so much, it was more the fact that it would usually follow me telling them that they are identical… IDENTICAL. Can’t be one of each, dummy.
**Are you going to have more kids or will this be it? …umm can I get through this one first and let you know?! Thanks.
**How much weight have you gained? …still never ok to ask!
**Do you have stretch marks? …do YOU??

I hear great remarks since they have been born but I’ll save those for another post..so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “11 things to NEVER say to a woman pregnant with twins..

  1. Momma(a)Musing says:

    You’re never going to sleep again – got that one all the time and I had the same answer (but I said it out loud) lol people, pregnant women probably ARENT SLEEPING! Between the back aches and the hip pain and the midnight hunger pains.

    Also I loved “how will you afford it” —-give me money. Lolol


  2. Aunt Cathy. says:

    Lol. U make me laugh and feel happy. Thank heavens all those natural dumb things folks say didn’t affect your wonderful family too much. My thing that sort of disturbed me when I was pregnant a million years ago .. Was. People held onto my tummy when they spoke to me !!!!! Xoxoxoxo. Love


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