“Carry the Future”

Every now and then I would like to feature an organization that is doing great things for children around the world. This month, I came across a foundation called Carry the Future, and couldn’t help but want to pass it along. The founder, Cristal Munoz-Logothetis came across the news one day and saw refugee woman holding (like actually holding in their arms) their babies while having to walk HUNDREDS of miles to get to safety. She compared it to how hard she thought it was to carry her 2 year old through the supermarket! With that being said, she immediately decided she wanted to do something to help and stated this foundation to donate baby carriers to these women in need. Her goal was 100 carriers and 1000 dollars, and after just one month she had received $42,000 and 3,000 carriers, with woman from around the country asking how they could help. She personally flew 500 of those carriers herself to Kos, which was inundated with refugees. She stated: “they were hesitant at first, but once they saw their baby was snuggled safely while their hands were free, the women were so grateful. This was life-changing for them.”
Since then, Cristal founded the nonprofit Carry the Future, which has been growing rapidly since. She has now collected over 30,000 baby carriers for refugee parents!

They also¬†deliver “baby boxes” with all kinds of essentials like mosquito nets, diapers, blankets and other supplies and hope to expand to Jordan and Lebanon this year. It is truly one of the most self-less foundations I have come across as she, being a working mother, takes these trips to deliver items herself.

If you have any interest in reading more about this foundation or donating, the website is carrythefuture.org


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