Twin Family MUST HAVE

When one of my twin mom friends asked me if I had a Baby Brezza once we started formula feeding, I had no idea what it was. I had never heard of it and was still making bottles the old fashioned way 🙂 I started looking them up online and they are not cheap! But, I think I was a little more willing to spend $$ on it than my husband was because how how many more bottles I make than him 🙂 I started looking around Facebook and my local twin mom group and found one that was for sale at less than half the retail price! The family had a baby that just turned 1 and was having a very easy time transitioning to regular milk, so didn’t need it anymore! I was a little hesitant to buy used, but once we talked to the family enough (they were local) asked a lot of questions and meeting them in person to see it, they really didn’t seem like the type to sell us something that was dysfunctional or not taken well care of or anything like that.

After bringing it home and cleaning it thoroughly inside and out, we had a difficult time trying to figure it out. We use Plum Organic formula and it was not on the list of what setting to use with what formula. There was a generic organic formula listed, but it didn’t seem to be making the bottles correctly. They seemed too watery and I just didn’t want to mess it with anymore. So we called their customer service number and spoke with one of the most helpful representatives I’ve ever encountered! She walked us though exactly what to do and even waited on the line until we made a bottle and saw the correct number of scoops and water come out. Talk about quality customer service! I felt so much better about using it after that.

Since then, it has been a total life saver. Our boys love to eat but they really LOVE their bottle. We do solids first now, and they know the routine. They know they will be getting that beloved bottle right after and they really cannot wait! (I’m looking forward to teaching them about patience when they’re old enough) 🙂 Before this, having to make the bottles took a bit (unless I was smart enough to remember to make them ahead of time and put them out of their site!) But now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. This machine has the water warmed to a perfect temp, you select how many ounces you need, and press start. It makes, and mixes the bottle for you in seconds, and when you have to make two, still under a minute. The only downside is sometimes you still have to give it a little shake if there are chunks, but if that’s the only downside, I’ll take it!! 🙂

I’m sure I’m coming off sounding like an advertisement for these machines, or I’m selling them or something but I’m really just a big fan and thought I should pass it along to any other families that might not know about them like me a few months ago! Just remember, if you do decide to buy second hand, just be smart about it. Most people who own these, do have kids and are not out to do any damage, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious!


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