Making your own baby puffs


I know everyone thinks I’m crazy for taking what little free time I have in between working and raising twins to make all of their food instead of just buying easy peasy jarred food, but it’s just what we do and it’s really not so bad! But when we got the idea from another mom blogger to make our own baby puffs (since its realllllly hard to find any without any added sugar) we gave it a shot. We want the boys to start learning to pick foods up and put things other than toys in their mouths for good practice for feeding themselves someday! Puffs are great for that! But not these puffs…

We started by milling our own millet (a fancy word for grinding nice and small, practically into a powder) and mixing it with a few other ingredients like flour, baking soda and whatever food you decide to flavor them with. Since the boys have yet to try fruit (other than avocado!) we tried with sweet potato- one of their favorites. I did about 6 different batches trying to get them to come out an appropriate consistency, baking them for less and less time every time. The recipe called for 20 something minutes and they would come out like little rock pebbles, so by the last batch, we were down to like 6 minutes! They tasted like boring crackers with a little hit of sweet potato, but we thought we’d let them give them a try.

Let’s just say, it’s a good thing CJ was home because he had to give Sawyer a little baby Heimlich  (which was one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced, btw!) and Mason just wasn’t really interested in them. So needless to say, we were done with them. But, CJ who is not a fan of wasting food, said he would snack on them during the week. We put them in tupperware and not even 4 days later, they were completely covered in fuzzy green mold. So gross!

So, while it sounds like a great idea, and a wonderful addition to making your own baby food, there are somethings to just not even mess with, and this was one of them! We have now found that they love to snack on oyster crackers (we break them in half first) and even found awesome organic cheerios (by Cascade Farm) that have no sugar or anything bad in them that they love as well. This is still such a learning process everyday and sometimes you just have to call a FAIL!


One thought on “Making your own baby puffs

  1. Kristin says:

    That’s super scary that he choked on it. I’ve never tried to make these but they seem like they be easy and you would never think that it would turn out bad. Good to know!

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