Top 10 Best Family Vacation Spots

According to Family Fun Magazine, these are the top 10 best vacation spots if you are looking to take the kiddos somewhere..

1. Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL (who coulda guessed that?!) 🙂 Said best for Theme Park Enthusiasts
2. Maui, Hawaii. Spectacular scenery and said best for beach bums
3. A Royal Caribbean cruise to the Caribbean (they have a 10 story water slide!) Said best for cruise fans
4. Asheville, North Carolina. Great for hiking, lots of outdoor time, said best for budget travelers
5. Big Sky, Montana. Learn how to lasso! Said best for adventure seekers
6. New York City. What is there to not do in NYC! Said best for city slickers
7. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Speaks for itself. Said best for instagrammers.
8. Gore Mountain Ski Resort, North Creek, New York. Not sure I agree 100% with this choice, because its said to be best for ski bums, but real ski bums know the best skiing in the US in out west! 🙂
9. Washington, DC. Said best for History Buffs. (I would recommend going during cherry blossom season!)
10. Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana & Wyoming. Said best for campers. This will probably be our first really big vacation as a family. We never made it there during out pre-twins cross-country road trip and would love to see it!

So that’s it! The top 10 best family friendly destinations if you’re thinking about planning your next vacation, hope this helps!


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