When I describe myself in job applications/interviews/etc.. my main strengths usually come though as organized, punctual, and maybe even a little OCD at times 🙂 I love to be clean/keep things clean, keep schedules and make sure everyone around me is happy! Not bad goals to have, right? They came in pretty handy when one warm summer day, two baby boys changed the way I used to be in best way possible and taught me so much about how quickly life can change and really, just to be adaptable!

When you are pregnant with twins in the dead of summer, reading in the A/C will be one of your favorite things to do (next to eating ice cream out of a gallon container, and mindless TV of course!) and I read a lot about life with twins. What to expect when expecting, the first year, the toddler years, even some about how they will try and fool us when they are teenagers, and the amazing bond they are likely to share when they are adults. All great information and things I still carry with me today (even after all the craziness of still having to learn it all my own, even with reading the “manuals”!! 🙂
One of the things that stuck out to me the most though, when it came to infant twins, was keeping them on schedule. Schedule of eating, sleeping, playing, even pooping (how is that controlled?!) but most importantly, that this all needs to be done at the exact same time as each other, every day, always. Now, normally, for someone like me, this would be a dream scenario, and I thought (when I was still pregnant, of course!) that this would be no problem at all.

And then they were born.

Cut to the chase- my husband and I dedicated our LIVES to getting them on a routine, a daily schedule that incorporated everything they did happening at the same time as each other for at least the first 3 months. Between waking them from a deep sleep to feed at the exact 3 hour mark (so sad!) to trying to keep screaming hungry babies happy for a even a couple of more minutes until it was their scheduled time to eat or go down for a nap.

It wasn’t easy.

But it was worth it! They developed such a good routine. And here is an example of how good:
This past Christmas season, we made some homemade candy and walked it and the babies around to some of the neighbors to pass along a little Christmas cheer and adorable baby faces! By the last house, the one right next door to ours, the boys let us know they were done. We realized it was about 15 minutes past their regular nap time, and they knew it. We got home and put two very happy to be in their bed boys down who fell right asleep. We were amazed but also really proud at seeing our hard work pay off. Now, they control us though!! ha ha

Then you have the days when the consistency isn’t your friend.

Believe it or not, I actually started this post as a rant, about how the good things never seem as consistent as the not so good things, until I remembered how lucky I am for the boys we have and really shouldn’t complain! But there are those times, like when one or both of them wake up at the SAME 3 HOUR INTERVALS every night, for no reason other than wanting one of us to give them their binky back, instead of just doing it themselves, when they are quite capable of that now!! (ok, rant over) 🙂 And it’s easy to think that the things that are consistent right now, are not the good things, but that’s only because those are the things that are easier to remember. The good things are the things we need to try and remember all the time in order to not let that happen!

I will leave this long blog post with one piece of advice for anyone who feels like raising twins would be the hardest thing ever- STICK TO  A SCHEDULE/ROUTINE! You won’t be sorry, they won’t be sorry, your in-laws and babysitters won’t be sorry. And lastly, if I can do it, you can do it!! 🙂  Oh, and join your local mother of twins association– don’t know what I do without those ladies!!

Bottom line, don’t look at consistency as a bad thing, look at it as a great photo-op 🙂

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