Flying with Twins

We recently took our first flight with the twins, to Florida, over February break, and while we really didn’t know what to expect, we felt nervous above all, mostly for how much we thought we might disrupt the flight, with not just one, but two infants!
I was never the type of person who minded a baby on the plane with me, but I’m not going to lie, I would roll my eyes occasionally when they would cry or kick my seat because of a tantrum but I also tend to remember that they are just babies, who don’t know how else to express themselves and felt for the parents.

Because of this, I felt it necessary to:
1. Turn to my twin mom friends for advice
2. Obsess over the things I thought we would “need” on the flight to make us all happy
3. Speak to their doctor about the trip prior to flying
and lastly- make these little goodie bags as a sort of “consolation prize” for the people sitting around us having to be subjected to our crazy little family 🙂


They consisted of a travel size pack of tissues, ear plugs and candy, because, well, who doesn’t love candy?! No peanuts though, because peanut allergies can be airborne!! Put in little sandwich bags, added a note of appreciation for assuming they would be patient and tied it with a little yarn. Voila!

Turns out, after following the advice of one of my twin mom friends (that I don’t how how I would live without!) and the fact that we have the best babies in the world, it wasn’t so bad! The twins were amazing, didn’t cry even a little, were happy just being held and we both got lucky that we got to sit around people who genuinely seemed to love babies. (They wouldn’t let us sit in the same row because *fun fact!* rows of 3 seats on airplanes only have 4 oxygen masks and we could not have more people than oxygen masks (the plane was fully booked so we didn’t get the row to ourselves). So we felt grateful for that and how patient everyone, even people working in the airport and airline was with us. Who knows if it was because they just felt bad fur us having our hands so full or not but we took it! 🙂

The trip was great, the boys loved seeing their grandparents, getting to be outside so much and seeing palm trees! The picture below was on our way to the pool for the first time, which they also loved. Future Olympic swimmers?? Maybe! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Flying with Twins

  1. Bonnie Phillips says:

    Great post! I am a grandma that follows your blog. Our identical twin boys were just born this week at only 28 weeks. They are in the NICU but doing well for being so tiny. I babysit their big brother who is 17 months while my son and daughter-in-law work. Eventually I’m going to have all 3 so I need all the advice I can get! I really enjoy reading your stories.


    • lisamisa27 says:

      Thanks Bonnie, congrats on your grand-twins! May I ask their size? I know they are going to be just fine!! Please let me know if there is anything you would ever like to see posted about life with twins!


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