Loving Everyday

I’ve always been the type of person that looks forward to things.. like has countdowns for ridiculous things like the next 1000 days my husband and I will be married, or Christmas; the day after Christmas ends 🙂 But after the twins were born, I started thinking that I didn’t want to be like that anymore. That life was more about the next exciting thing or plans, I want to look at every day like that.

We just got back from my parents house this weekend, and I got to see one of my brothers, and two of our good friends who just had a baby, and I always find myself sad after we get home from being in New York. I love being with family so much and hate not being in the same state as them! But as I sat down to write my weekly post 🙂 I thought- this is a good topic to write about today, because I’m feeling sad about it, but also need to realize how lucky I am that I feel that way about my family, and that we are able to go visit them whenever we want, and have tolerant babies who think that being in the car and looking out the window is about as good as it gets! (how awesome would it be if they stayed that way?!)

I caught myself thinking about when the next time I was going to see them again was going to be, or the next trip or event we have going on, and had to stop myself. I want to be happy with it just being Monday next (and hopefully a snow day for CJ because  it’s snowing like crazy today and supposed to for the next 24 hours!) and the fact that I’m so lucky that I get to be home with my babies and see them grow and change and be amazing everyday!

Life isn’t just about the next great thing, it’s about the everyday, the little things to be grateful for, and for me, and the twins who just turned 6 months of Friday, I realize how fast it’s going and want to enjoy every minute, not rush the next time we will be doing something other than the ordinary.

The picture below is one I would not normally want to show off 🙂 It’s showing a real uncensored day in the Williams household: a mess, a fire in the wood burning stove making it way to hot!  snow falling, and most importantly, the twins working hard at playing 🙂 AKA..a good day!



One thought on “Loving Everyday

  1. Nonni says:

    It makes me so happy that you are “living in the moment” today and that it is a beautiful one indeed!
    Thank you for all the wonderful things you said and feel. Thank you for being you! ❤


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