How to make your own baby food

It’s not that hard! Take it from me, I have to make for two at once!!

We’re not your crazy health fanatic people, but we do like to be smart about food. Organic is just the way food is supposed to be and while it is totally fine to indulge every now and then, we feel that maintaining healthy eating habits will carry over to the boys (hopefully!)

So they just started on solid foods right after the new year and are doing great with it! Their first food was avocado, followed by sweet potato, peas, butternut squash and green beans and most recently yellow squash. They LOVED everything, except the green beans, but they still ate it! They would just make a face every time like they were totally disgusted! They are so funny..

All of those I bought fresh, or frozen if I couldn’t find it organic (Wegmans carries great organic flash-frozen veggies that always taste super fresh) and pureed them in the baby bullet using pumped milk as my liquid. Most veggies you would need to steam first, but fruits, like avocado, if they are ripe enough, are easy enough to just puree with liquid.

The great part about doing it this way is it that makes a ton! Jarred baby food (the good kind anyway) can cost up to $2/jar for 1 or 2 servings! An avocado or a few sweet potatoes cost less than that and make enough for like 10-15 servings!

What I do is make a bunch and freeze them using the silicone batch tray that comes with the baby bullet..


Then I just pop into gallon size freezer bags and label with what it is and the date it was made..


Then (since the boys share one whole portion) I defrost one in a sandwich bag, in warm water, divide it up and serve it to them warm! Super easy!

(You can also let it defrost slowly in the fridge if you take it out the night before. But remember to use it that day!)

One little side note- our doctor recommend not starting on fruits until your baby has gotten very used to vegetables, because once they try that sweet flavor, they may never want to go back! So the only fruit they have tried right now is avocado! I think there are a lot of benefits to some fruits (like the potassium in bananas) but we’re still going to hold off as long as possible!

Happy making! And I definitely recommend the baby bullet, it makes it super easy!

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