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Getting that post-twins body back!

I wasn't all that shy about how much weight I gained while pregnant with the twins (60lbs) 😬 but it wasn't an unhealthy amount and, in my defense I did have two in there! The last couple of months of my pregnancy, I was on summer break from work (thank god!) so eating, and watching … Continue reading Getting that post-twins body back!

The Family Pet

Pre-twins, our dog, Jack was our baby. Our very big baby! For those of you who don't know him, he is a 100+ pound love bug of a mutt but not always viewed that way by others, because of his size! It could make it very hard to travel with him and have people/companies be … Continue reading The Family Pet

Nap Scrap

Our twins have always been amazing sleepers (don't hate me!) but we like to say it is a give and take when it comes to having two, they have to be or we would completely loose it!! 🙂 After the initial newborn, sleeping for 22 hours a day phase, the boys were on a very … Continue reading Nap Scrap